This is how it all got started!


 I was reading our local news paper in 2006 and saw a write up about a CHRISTmas light display. I went to this web site and saw what the write up was about and I showed it to my other half and then, well you know what happened after that, I went to searching the web and I found Light-O-Rama and after much research I found, for me, to be the best products on the market for light displays. LOR is very easy to operate  and understand.

  Many Thanks goes out to the family in Lumberton, TX. for leading me in this direction of lighting up our house for the reason of the season. Many a folk have forgotten why we celabrate CHRISTmas, and the light show shows that what people are doing is not to just pay a big electric bill, but it is to celebrate the birth of CHRIST

 Also many many many Thank  You's go out to the GREAT staff of Light-O-Rama for the wonderful products they have, and to say THANK YOU for the phone and e-mail support they have. When I have an issue they are there to help and solve my problems. They have a great FORUM to go to for help or just to see what other folk are doing.

In 2006 we ordered 2 control boxes and got them up and running, put our light display up in the yard in mid October, (I know seems a little early but had to try it out) played with it and did not take me but a few days to figure out that I wanted and needed MORE POWER, so I ordered 2 more control boxes and had those running by Thanksgiving.(that is why I started early) . Now that 2008 is here I am going to order 4 more control boxes. (I know even MORE POWER) Going to be better than ever.

     As of 6/21/2008 the other 4 control boxes have been ordered. I will have 128 channels of lights.

     The new control boxes arrived 7-18-2008. YIPEE! I now have 8 control boxes with 128 channels to play with. And now I have 6 strips of Cosmic Ribbon lights. More lights and more power. I now have 308 channels.